Membership conditions

Membership conditions

Membership conditions

Section 1. The membership: A membership is personal and cannot be used by anyone other than the member. Changes in personal data such as name, address, e-mail, phone/mobile no., bank, account no., must be notified to TøFi&Vel immediately

Section 2. Membership card: The membership card must be loaded into the attendance computer before training begins. The membership card must be brought with you every time. If a member loses or damages their membership card, this must be immediately reported to TøFi&Vel., who will issue a new card against payment of the price applicable at any time.

Section 3. Minor members: If a person is under the age of 18 or a minor, membership can only be obtained if a guardian signs a membership for the person at the guardian's expense.

Section 4. Duration: PBS memberships are ongoing and will continue until terminated in accordance with §8. Cash memberships cannot be cancelled, but end automatically at the end of the period paid for. It is not possible, for whatever reason, to get a partial or total refund of prepaid cash memberships.

Section 5. Payment: When creating a cash membership, the registration fee is paid in advance and for the entire agreement period. When creating an ongoing membership (PBS membership), cash is paid for creation and for the period from creation to the first payment via PBS. Thereafter, the monthly benefit is automatically withdrawn from the bank account at the beginning of each calendar month.

Section 5.1 Late payment: If the current benefit for a PBS membership is not paid at the agreed time, a reminder will be sent to the member and a reminder fee will also be charged according to the applicable rate (currently DKK 100). If the member does not pay no later than 5 days after the specified due date, all services for the remainder of the minimum period are due for immediate payment. The member will have his membership card blocked until the arrears have been settled. Such an exclusion period is not credited by TøFi&Vel.

Section 6. Valuables: TøFi&Vel. recommends that all items of value be kept in a locked cabinet during training, TøFi&el. bears no responsibility for losses due to theft or property damage.

Section 7. Rules of order: The rules of order in force at all times and instructions given by TøFi&Vel. staff must always be followed. Violation of this may result in expulsion. Racist or condescending comments will result in immediate expulsion. TøFi&Vel. can in special cases demand the presentation of a medical certificate if it is assessed that the training may be harmful to the member's health. (Regulations of the Order hang in the centre).

Section 8. Termination of PBS memberships: Ongoing PBS memberships can be terminated at any time with a notice of the current month + 30 days. PBS memberships with a 6/12 month fixed agreement (binding) can only be terminated after the end of the binding period of 6/12 months with a notice of the current month + 30 days. Termination can be done by contacting TøFi&Vel in person. Centre., where the name and date are signed, and a receipt for the termination is given. It is also possible to terminate per letter or e-mail to TøFi&Vel. Centre, with information on first and last name, membership number or CPR number. as well as a statement that termination is desired. If doubts arise as to whether a membership has been terminated, the member must be able to prove that a termination has indisputably taken place with the date and the member's signature. It costs an administration fee of DKK 200 at any time to terminate agreements prematurely, just like TøFi&Vel. is entitled to reimbursement for the discount granted. That is the member pays full price for the goods and services the member has received.
In addition, memberships can be terminated by showing a printout from the population register, which documents a move to another municipality and that the member cannot use his membership for the same reason and pays the applicable moving fee at any time (currently DKK 350) or if the member, on presentation of a medical certificate documenting that continued training is not possible. In addition, Section 38c of the Contracts Act, cf. Section 36, applies.

Section 9. Price change/fee change: Price changes and fee changes are announced by posting in the centre, no later than 1 month before the changes take effect.

Section 10. Change of membership conditions: TøFi&Vel. can change membership conditions with 1 month's notice. TøFi&Vel. has the right to make usual changes in rules of order, premises, team activities, equipment, opening hours, etc. with 1 week's notice by posting in TøFi&Vel. the center. For further information on prices, fees, rules of procedure, etc., please refer to

Section 11. Suspension periods: Suspension must be notified at least 14 days before the desired suspension. (Suspension periods) PBS memberships with a 6-month fixed contract can suspend membership for a maximum of 1 month per half year. PBS memberships with a 12-month fixed agreement can pay a maximum of 1.5 months per half year. Other PBS memberships can be suspended for a maximum of 1.5 months per year. Cash memberships cannot be suspended. Only 12 months cash membership can settle max. 2 months per year., which can be used for periods of at least 2 weeks at a time. The membership is here extended by the desired suspension period. For each suspension period, a fee is paid according to TøFi&Vel. applicable texts. However, if a member is injured or ill for a longer period of time, membership can be suspended for 1 month at a time on presentation of a medical certificate. Preparation of a medical certificate is paid for by the member and applies retroactively for up to 7 days. It is not possible to put a membership on hold during a notice period, and a possible suspension is lifted if the membership is terminated.

Section 12. Cancellation of reservation: If a member is prevented from using a team reservation, cancellation must be reported no later than 12 hours before the start of the team. If a member with a cash membership does not cancel a team reservation on time, one day will be deducted from the validity period of the membership. If a member with a PBS membership does not cancel the team reservation on time, a fee will be charged according to the applicable rate via PBS currently. DKK 25.

Section 13. State of health and personal injury: All training is done at your own risk. All first-time trainees have the opportunity to consult an instructor before training begins. A member is responsible for being in a state of health that allows participation in activities in TøFi&Vel. The fitness center also does not take responsibility for personal injuries to a member as a result of accidents or the actions or defective actions of other visitors. Furthermore, Danish tort law is followed in this area.

Section 14. Doping: TøFi&Vel. is against any kind of doping and does not tolerate the use of drugs in any respect. For the same reason, we reserve the right to reject potential as well as expel existing members if there is evidence of abuse of any kind.

Section 15. Exclusion of member: TøFi&Vel. may terminate any membership agreement without notice. In the case of TøFi&Vel. termination, all unused advance payments will be refunded. If TøFi&Vel. cancels a membership agreement due to a member's significant breach of the applicable membership conditions or rules of order, no refund of any kind will be made. Among other things, doping, repeated lending of membership cards and racist statements in TøFi&Vel are considered non-compliance.