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Tønderhallerne Board of Directors

Main activities

The independent institution, Tønderhallerne (Tønderhallerne), aims to operate and develop the sports center (incl. Café) with associated outdoor facilities, as well as Danhostel Tønder, Tønder Campingplads and Tønder Autocamperplads, by further agreement with Tønder Municipality.

The purpose is, based on the values of Tønderhallerne, summarized in the words:

  • Quality of life, Democracy, Innovation and Inclusiveness
  • Promote the cultural and sports life in Tønder Municipality by providing facilities that create space for health, experiences, and to be a meeting place for the citizens of Tønder Municipality.

The purpose of operating and developing Danhostel and campsite is to provide up-to-date facilities to, through joint operation, offer activities that also include halls and swimming pools, as well as to promote tourism in the municipality.


Board of Directors

The board draws Tønderhallerne externally in all respects.
The board assists the day-to-day management of Tønderhallerne based on the general guidelines and the operating agreement with Tønder Municipality.


Contact the board

If you wish to contact the Board of Directors, please contact the Chairman of the Board, Stefan R. Christiansen at [email protected]

Tasks and competencies

  • The staff of the Tønder halls, including employment and dismissal cases on the recommendation of the center manager, as well as the employment of the center manager.
  • Responsible for preparing Tønderhallerne's budget proposal for the board in collaboration with the finance manager.
  • Responsible for the daily financial management and reporting of financial status, including recommendations on budget changes in the current budget.
  • Responsibility for holding meetings of the Board of Directors and subcommittees.
  • The responsibility for preparing consultation responses to cases in Tønderhallerne under the auspices of the Culture & Leisure Committee
  • Name
  • Titel
  • Udpeget af
  • Stefan R. Christiansen
  • Chairman
  • The associations
  • Tommy Nissen
  • Vice-Chairman
  • The Craftsmen's Association
  • Dorit Hansen
  • Member
  • The associations
  • Ejner Clausen
  • Member
  • The associations
  • Peter Sørensen
  • Member
  • Handelsstandsforeningen
  • Henning Nielsen
  • Member
  • Tønder Municipality
  • Anita Uggerholt-Eriksen
  • Member
  • Local politicians
  • Harald Christensen
  • Member
  • Local politicians