Water Training & Relaxation - Tønder Swimming Pool

Water Training & Relaxation - Tønder Swimming Pool

Here, everyone is welcome for a dip or well-deserved relaxation in the water. You can bring the family in fun, safe and child-friendly surroundings - or how about challenging yourself or your baby to water training? As a guest in Tønder Swimming Hall, you get access to a sea of facilities and activities. We receive many praises for the hygienic standards of the swimming pool and have also done our utmost to make the area accessible to everyone with equipment for baby and handicap lifts in both the changing room and swimming pool.

A facility for everyone

We have created a space for everyone! Our facilities allow you to swim along one of several competition lanes, jump from the 1 or 3 meter seesaw, go for a ride on the water slide or simply enjoy a moment in the spa, steam room or sauna.

Access a variety of facilities

  • 25 meter pool with six competition lanes (depth 125-385 cm)
  • Heated pool (34 degrees)
  • Children's pool with small slide (depth 90-125 cm)
  • Large water slide
  • Climbing wall located above the water so you can jump from the top
  • Aqua-training
  • 1-meter seesaw
  • 3-meter seesaw
  • Steam bath
  • Sauna
  • Outdoor sauna (open evenings and weekends)
  • Outdoor hot tub
Water Training & Relaxation - Tønder Swimming Pool

Bathing equipment

You can purchese swimwear, diving goggles, bathing diapers and other bathing equipment. View our selection of bathing equipment at the entrance to the indoor swimming pool, where you can also borrow bathing wings and belly belts.


There is the opportunity to enjoy our saunagus
Tuesday evening at 21:00 and Thursday evening at 20.15

Water Training & Relaxation - Tønder Swimming Pool

Be observant at all times

We keep a high level of hygiene and expect you to help us by thoroughly washing your entire body - including your hair - before slipping in to your swimwear and entering the pool.
We encourage you to keep a close eye on your child(ren), as they are the responsibility of the adults.

Water Training & Relaxation - Tønder Swimming Pool