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Aqua Fitness & Hot Water Training

We offer Aqua Fitness and Warm Water Training for anyone who wants to train effectively, but gently. Exercising in water frees the body's joints from the force of gravity, while the water provides greater resistance. Due to the properties of the water, the training intensity can be easily adapted to the individual.

Aqua Fitness & Hot Water Training

Aqua Fitness

We offer Aqua-Fitness for everyone all year except school holidays.
Fitness and strength are trained, and all exercises take place to music with a suitable rhythm. The exercises are presented as both individual and collaborative exercises with a focus on training the physique and body awareness. The exercises take place in both deep and shallow water. The form of exercise is particularly suitable for pregnant, overweight, you in rehabilitation, trained and untrained.

No registration - you just show up!

09.00-09.45 | 17.00-17.45

Thursday (off. Opening hours)


(If you have any questions, contact Jørgen on tel. 24 63 82 80 or by email: [email protected])

Warm water training

We offer hot water training for everyone throughout the year except on school holidays.
Are you suffering from arthritis, joint and muscle soreness, back problems or are you pregnant, overweight or want to take care of your body, then this is just the form of exercise for you.
Hot water training takes place in a pool with 34 degrees hot water (depth 90-125 cm).
The form of training is particularly effective, as you experience greater freedom of movement in water than on land, where running can occur completely impossible, while running in water is easy and painless. In addition, training in the warm water has a soothing effect, while buoyancy makes the body weigh "less".


08.00-08.45 | 09.00-09.45

09.00-09.45 | 16.15-17.00




Contact bathmaster Jørgen for more information on +45 24 63 82 80 (weekdays 08.00–12.00 and Tuesdays 15.30–16.30). Or e-mail: [email protected]


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