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The support association

We would like to give a little extra focus to Tønderhallernes Støtteforening - in everyday speech "Friends".

The association was launched in the spring of 2018 to support Tønderhallerne by raising funds for new initiatives and creating awareness about Tønderhallerne's activities.

As a support association, it is natural to arrange events to be held in the halls. In 2019, the Friends arranged a sponsorship race in favor of a multi-track and in this connection collected almost DKK 200,000. The beautiful result can today be seen in the new outdoor beautification area.

The association arranges the Associations' Day every year. A day where local area associations present their activities in halls, swimming pools and in the outdoor areas with a goal of creating interest among potential new members. Hundreds of active adults and children participate in the Association Day, and every year they have been fortunate to be able to inaugurate a new area of activity. In 2018, the beautiful skating rink, BARRAX Skatepark Tønder, was inaugurated, while in 2019 the new e-sports room was opened. Like so much else, one had to cancel in 2020 due to Covid-19.

The support association's board consists of:

  • Hans Pilegaard (Chairman)
  • Anna Frejbæk (treasurer)
  • Poul Erik Hansen
  • Susanne Schmidt
  • Andreas Jung
  • Stefan R. Christiansen - appointed by the Board of Tønderhallernes

Supporting also means helping to generate funds for Tønderhallerne. This can i.a. done via fund applications. The Friends were here from the beginning, when funds had to be sought for what has now become the really beautiful and well-visited area of beautification. Here you can play ordinary tennis, paddle tennis, volleyball and basketball. All in a large new and attractive multi-area, where multi-track and crossfit area are also included. The area stands as one of the special initiatives that Friends can be hugely proud of.

As a support association, it is natural to arrange events to be held in the halls. Here, special attention is paid to the fact that the selected events do not conflict with established venues such as Hagges and Kulturhuset in Tønder. That said, there are really good thoughts and ideas in the cast.

The friends have also, and not least, launched a working group that goes hand in hand with tasks from all over the world. You meet every Monday morning, where you work for a few hours, followed by a cozy get-together around a lunch.

As the Friends form an association, you can of course also become a member. There are some that already are, but there is also room for you.
A membership costs only DKK 100 / year and DKK 150 for the entire household.

If you want membership, you must finally call or write to chairman Hans Pilegaard.
+45 20461461 | [email protected]

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