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When you visit us, you also get access to some of the country's most worth seeing nature well spiced with culture and history. The area around Tønder offers everything from distinctive natural phenomena to cultural-historical sights. Here we take you by the hand and come up with a selection of experiences that you could consider exploring during your visit.

Popular area

The area offers many experiences - from the most cultural and historical experiences, to the gastronomic, family experiences and active stays. It is, so to speak, a popular excursion destination with a sea of opportunities to get one on the experience.

We know a lot about our local area and are available if you as a guest or visitor would like to know more about the possibilities. In addition, we have tried to gather a selection of sights on the page here with frequent reference to Visit Rømø & Tønder.


Popular experiences

  • Oyster safari
  • Wadden Sea hike
  • Migratory birds
  • Black sun safari
  • City walk in Tønder
  • Schackenborg / Møgeltønder
  • Rømø beach
Black sun with birds

Black sun safari in Tøndermarsken

Have you ever experienced the natural phenomenon Black Sun? If not here's a new experience just for you! In Tønder you can get really close to the beautiful bird flight.
Danhostel Tønder has allied itself with one of the country's most talented black sun experts, who is ready to guide you throughout the experience. You also get a nice stay in Tønder with accommodation, dinner and breakfast, as well as a Black Sun excursion incl. transport to Tøndermarsken from Danhostel Tønder and back - you just have to show up and let yourself be guided around the trip.

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Rømø Beach

Wadden Sea National Park

The Wadden Sea is a natural area, created over 60,000 years, and which today has many wonders. The Wadden Sea on the west coast is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Denmark's National Park.

The Wadden Sea is characterized by the fact that the bottom has a very shallow depth along the coast, which therefore gives a great change in the landscape when the tide runs back and forth. In fact, in some places the water level can vary by up to 2 meters in normal weather conditions.


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Oysters in a dish with ice cubes

Gastronomic experiences

There are oysters in the Wadden Sea, lamb and sheep that adorn the marsh, shrimp on Rømø, rum and gin distillery at Tønder and local slaughterhouse, which for years has been nationally recognized for its sausages. In other words, you have landed in the right place if gastronomy and ingredients are of interest.

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Tønder Festival

Tønder Festival is a legendary festival with "handmade music" in the center. Music with roots in people, roots rock, country, blues, cajun, world, etc. The festival offers top-class international names - both upcoming, the style-creating songwriting legend and the authentic folk music.

Tønder Festival has a unique music profile, and you can often experience international artists who only give concerts in Tønder. The festival is also recognized for being the "first mover" and dusting off new exciting names and presenting them as the first in Denmark. Not least, it is known for its very special atmosphere, where musicians and audiences are close to each other, and where large concerts go hand in hand with spontaneous jam sessions.

The atmosphere on the festival site is cozy and intimate, and in addition to the music offers art, events, artist talks, food stalls, restaurants, bars and much more.

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Family experiences

If you are on a family holiday, it will be obvious to go to the beach - eg Sønderstrand or Lakolk Strand - or how about renting bikes for an active day with the family. There is also something special about taking a ride on horseback along the beach at just the pace you are in the mood for.

Rømø is the perfect place to spend time with the family, as here is a beach, playgrounds, exciting activities and much more.

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Rømø Beach

Cultural-historical experiences

The area around Tønder contains incredible and cultural-historical experiences that we can only encourage exploring. Take, for example, a city walk in Tønder with a walk down Uldgade, which is probably one of Tønder's most beautiful streets, a walk into Tønder Christ Church and a walk past the lifestyle shop in Det Gamle Apotek. Tønder Art Museum also deserves a visit and so does the water tower with furniture exhibition by the world-famous furniture architect Hans J. Wegner. We can also highly recommend a trip to Schackenborg Castle with a walk along Møgeltønder's idyllic streets.

  • City walk in Tønder
  • Schackenborg Castle and idyllic Møgeltønder
  • Tønder Art Museum with Nordic art from the 20th and 21st century
  • The water tower in Tønder with furniture exhibition by Hans J. Wegner
  • Trøjborg Castle ruin
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Aerial photo of Tønder Church

Denmark's nicest Christmas town

Barrels are the place to get in the Christmas spirit. As soon as the Christmas lights spread coziness in the streets, the activities begin. The big Santa Claus procession through the city kicks off the festivities, while runners dressed in Santa costume take the legs on the neck for the annual Santa Run.
The Old Pharmacy from 1671 exudes a classic Christmas atmosphere, and here you can have the Christmas mail stamped at Santa's post office. In the streets there is Christmas music and a scent of roasted almonds. In the square, the city's Christmas tree is surrounded by stalls with Christmas decorations and gifts for the feast of hearts.

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Christmas balls