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Updated: 2 March 2023

Press release Tønderhallerne

New center manager for Tønderhallerne

Tønderhallerne has found its new center manager, who will take up the position on 1 February 2023.
The person who is hired to head the Tønderhallerne is a familiar face, as it will be
current acting manager, Lone Madsen, who will henceforth be Tønderhaller's center manager.

In future, it will be the current acting center manager, Lone Madsen
chief executive of Tønderhallerne. About the employment of Lone Madsen says the chairman of the Foundation
Tønderhallerne, Brian Hansen:
"After we advertised the position as center manager, we experienced great interest and received many applications
to that. We have discussed the applications and in parallel have also been in dialogue with Lone Madsen
about the future.
Lone has done a fantastic job in various positions in Tønderhallerne, and has educations such as
matches what we want. We have had many good talks with Lone Madsen, and she has the professional and
personal qualities that we want from the new center manager. We are very happy that we got one
well-liked and capable person to be at the head of Tønderhallerne. At the same time, she has extensive experience with
the tasks that are in a sports center. Lone Madsen's level of ambition matches our expectations
has on the board, and at the same time there is great support for her from the new investor group, which
together with boards and employees must lift Tønderhallerne to a new level".

Lone Madsen is very happy about the appointment as center manager, and will make diligent use of his
knowledge of the center and the accumulated experience in the new position:
"I started at Tønderhallerne in June 2012, and have had various tasks such as
lifeguard, and later lifeguard. In October 2021, I was appointed as manager of
Tønderhallerne, and has worked intensively with the development here.
At the beginning of December 2022, I informed the previous board that I had applied for new ones
challenges. Since then, however, some new and exciting opportunities have opened up
conversations with the new board of the Tønderhallerne Foundation, we found that
the level of ambition matched. There was a common area of interest, and one is emerging in the future
very exciting development for Tønderhallerne. There are new initiatives underway, and I believe in one
very positive development. We have some absolutely fantastic facilities both inside and outside Tønderhallerne,
and there will be new opportunities for commercial activities. In the job, I enjoy the day-to-day
contact with the many groups of users in Tønderhallerne, just as there is a supreme good
staff, where everyone has the right attitude. So I am very much looking forward to the next step for myself,
but also for the development of Tønderhallerne”.

If you have any questions about the above press release, you are welcome to contact the chairman
for the Tønderhallerne Foundation, Brian Hansen (mobile: 40 27 10 12)

Yours sincerely
Board of Directors