Marie Brixtofte | Late aftermath, luggage and cleanup

Date: 23.03.2022

Marie Brixtofte | Late aftermath, luggage and cleanup


In this lecture, Marie will talk about what it was like to grow up in a dysfunctional family - with a father who drank. She will bluntly tell about all the strategies she learned as a child to get the most love and presence possible - and how the same strategies that saved her as a child have stretched legs for her through adulthood. Such strategies are called late effects - and in this lecture Marie will invite the participants to reflect on what they themselves have in their luggage.

She will talk about how we are each responsible for the baggage we have now brought with us - and how we can then start cleaning it up. Marie Brixtofte has worked as a psychologist for many years, so she knows both as a professional and as a child with baggage how we can work with the various late effects. Marie will present her own and current models for working with, among other things, the need for control, low self-esteem, over-responsibility, sleep problems, problems with saying no, high demands on herself and others, the urge to abuse, feeling of only having self-reliance, the chronic bad conscience, the feeling of being a passenger in one's own life, the fear of being exposed, overdeveloped sensory horns / antennae, and how we can become caring towards ourselves (self-care).

The lecture lasts 2.5 hours and the last half hour is reserved for questions.

Venue: Tønderhallerne, Multisalen
Time: 19-21.30
Price: Free

Info about registration follows.

Participants said, among other things:

…Dear Marie. 1000 thanks for an incredibly exciting lecture where you very honestly told about your childhood and youth with your father. Feel like writing “Many Loving Greetings” because I think I know you so well now. - Hanne Dannesbo

… Ihhhh Marie, for the south then, you crawl right under the skin of a ', thank you very much for a fantastic lecture, I have read your book, but now I want to read it again, now that my husband has bought it. You are really good at telling, thank you for that. - Katharina Nielsen

… Marie is so lively a lecturer, one sits completely enchanted from the beginning of Marie's lecture until she finishes her lecture. Marie is a living narrator. Thank you very much, Marie. Your lecture is fantastic. You can hear that several times. - Elisabeth Øllgaard

… We were quite high after your lecture and have subsequently received a lot of positive feedback. The extra good thing is that we can use your lecture as common knowledge in our conversations with the young people. It's so good. You really came through with your message. If the economy allows it, we will definitely book you again. - Heidi Birch Jakobsen, project employee, BRUS Randers